Fluke 1663 Multifunction Tester - Free NZ Postage - 3 Year Warranty

Fluke 1663 Multifunction Tester - Free NZ Postage - 3 Year Warranty

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Whether you’re looking for a Fluke Multimeter or Fluke Multifunction Tester, the Fluke 1663 Multifunction Tester includes everything a professional electrical installer needs including a huge variety of different measurement functions, built-in memory storage and download and fast, easy-to-configure testing procedures. Several new functions are included on the 1663 which weren’t found on the original 1653B. These are: Continuity checks at L-N, L-PE and N-PE inputs On/off switchable auto starts for RCD and loop testing Z max memory Heavy duty mains cord with single input connector On top of these new functions you can also expect all of the typical measurements you’ll need such as voltage (AC/DC), frequency, wiring polarity, insulation resistance, loop/line resistance, prospective earth fault current (PEFC/IK), prospective short-circuit current (PSC/IK) and several RCD measurement modes such as RCD tyip time, ramp test (RCD trip current) and more. Thanks to built-in memory storage, the Fluke 1663 makes it significantly easier to log your testing results (ideal for jobs where you’ll be testing a wide variety of different electrical installations). This data can be stored and viewed back on the tester or can be transferred across to PC and interacted with further using either FlukeView or Fluke DMS software packages (sold separately). Please note item is generally in stock within NZ, but from time to time can be out of stock so delivery would be 1-4 weeks from UK/Europe. Please email info@intalux.co.nz for further details.

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    Fluke 1663 comes with a 3 year UK Fluke Warranty, UK Fluke T&C's apply.

    Warranty claims are required to be returned to the UK for repair, please allow 28 days.  All items to be returned to Intalux for initial inspection before being returning to UK Fluke Agents. 

    All UK postage & packaging will be cover by customer, please email info@intalux.co.nz for further information.

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