Q: Do Intalux import all Fluke test meters?

A: Yes


Q: Are any Fluke test meters manufactured in NZ?

A: No, every Fluke NZ retailer import Fluke products 


Q: Where are Fluke test meters imported from?

A: From several countries throughout the world 


Q: Where are Fluke test meters manufactured? 

A: USA, UK, Asia and The Netherlands 


Q: Why does Intalux import Fluke test meters

A: After speaking with many electrical workers over the years they find electrical test equipment too expensive throughout NZ.  It is Intalux's mission to offer the NZ electrical industry the best value for money, backed up with a peace of mind warranty

Q: Why are Fluke test meters so expensive in NZ compared to the rest of the world?

A: There are several reasons: 

  • All NZ Fluke Agents and Distributors are controlled by Fluke Australia 

  • Most NZ Fluke Distributors have some kind of rebate/refund system in place

  • Supply and Demand, more you sell, cheaper they are

  • There is only a small amount of Fluke Distributors in NZ, no competition 


Q: Why buy from Intalux?

A: Intalux has almost 30 years experience in the electrical industry and a wide range of electrical and Fluke product technical knowledge

Q: Does Intalux offer finance?

A: Yes, to help and support all Intalux customers we offer Finance through 'Finance Now' 

to purchase equipment and products    

Q: If I purchased a Fluke test meter from Intalux is it covered by a Fluke Warranty?

A: Yes all Fluke test meters are covered by a Fluke warranty from the country of origin it was imported from 


Q: How long is the Fluke warranty and what is covered?

A: Different Fluke products has different warranty period and Terms and Conditions, warranties generally can be 1, 2 and 3 years depending on the product

Q: Why Should I purchase a Fluke test meter?

A: Intalux have been using Fluke test equipment for over 25 years and have found Fluke to have a vast selection, robust, reliable, consistent, accurate, build for heavy industry with a great warranty 


Q: Is Intalux a Fluke Approved Distributor?

A: No, but Intalux imports all Fluke test meters from Fluke Approved Distributors